The Volume Method

2018 trading now

The future of trading allowing you to live life on your terms.

Live the laptop lifestyle

The DREAM is to choose how we spend our days, who with where and doing the things we love with people we love.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make money at will, being able to travel the world and make the money you need as you go?

Do you have a need to pay off a mortgage, pay school fees, want to fund a wedding or athletic career or have a desire to simply be able to enjoy life more without financial pressure?

Have you ever tried an internet business, joined an MLM company, traded shares or forex, gambled at a casino or on horses, or even invested in a homebased business or started your own bricks and mortar business..only to find that the dream was not the reality. That it was extremely difficult to succeed and you ended up wasting your time and losing your money.

The PROBLEM is that it is extremely unlikely you will make money from lottery, gambling, trading or MLM. Statistically almost everyone loses all of their money and ends up worse off.

Most people do not have the time , the correct information and training or the money required to do it properly .

We understand these issues and we have been there, tried it all and lost it all. And we know from first hand the pain and the struggle , the loss and the hardship and the loss of hope that comes with the failures.

After many years of failing and investing more time and money than we want to know about we know we have come up with the SOLUTION.

If you desire to be responsible for your own financial destiny and you desire financial independence and freedom, to feel empowered and be the master of your own destiny then master the skill of trading through the The Volume Method futures trading.

We believe that wherever there is a problem there is a solution and we have tirelessly pursued our dream of financial freedom, lifestyle freedom and self empowerment. And now you can benefit also.

Your job does not to have to be your source of income and time and money can now become your friends.

Time does not have to mean money anymore. There is an unlimited supply of money in the markets and we have developed a method that allows people to tap into it .

We have developed technology which for the first time puts the odds in our favour. We are utilising technology that was not previously available to retail traders and everyday people but which only the banks and large institutions were able to use. We now have the ability to know where the banks are most likely to move the markets with 70+ % accuracy. We can draw back the curtains and use xray vision to see where orders are being placed, who is controlling the market and make our trading decisions based on what we know is happening in the market rather than guessing and hoping which is what is done when trading with LAGGING INDICATORS which use historical data and algorithms which the banks don’t even use them selves in their trading.

We have developed LEADING INDICATORS which can anticipate which way the banks and market makers will be trading and we can ride the back of their trades and profit.

We no longer have to trade blindly, waste our time and lose our money and struggle.

Through using Volume and Order Flow Analytics we can trade with the market makers .

ATTACH CHARTS showing order flow analytics and leading indicators compared to lagging.



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